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   Car Elevators
   Goods & Freight Elevators
   Passenger Elevators
   Tower Elevators
   Bungalow Elevators
   Capsule Elevators
   Hydraulic Elevators
   Machine Roomless Lift
   Hospital/Stretcher Elevators
   Dumb Waiter
   Stair Lifts
  Lift Parts & Equipments
   Hydraulic Elevator Valves
   Lift Cabins
   Complete Set of Reduction Gear
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Alliance Elevator is identified as that of a manufacturers, is based on in uttrakhand. And company registered in haridwar uttrakhand. The optimum use of raw materials of quality products from those of ordinary tax discrimination is available in the market. High durability, drawing power of resistance adverse circumstances, high performance and maintenance cost for low has also attracted various industrial areas to place orders on the repeatedly.

Most array of net profit in industrial products to keep control on any alternative is that entire global market. Array of automatic sliding doors are included, automatic sliding gate of elevators, accurate escalator & goods lifts. The unique quality and its performance for the various industrial sectors to attract the rank repeatedly orders for industrial products.

Products Range
Car Elevators, Goods & Freight Elevators, Passenger Elevators, Tower Elevators, Bungalow Elevators, Capsule ElevatorsHydraulic Elevators, Machine Roomless Lift, Hospital/Stretcher Elevators, Dumb Waiter, Stair Lifts
Lift Parts & Equipments
Hydraulic Elevator Valves, Lift Cabins, Complete Set of Reduction Gear, Gate Lock & Floor Section, Gate Lock & Floor Section, Control Panel, Accessories
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