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Hydraulic Elevators Valves

Hydraulic Elevator Valves for the Hydraulic Elevators are mainly supplied by a well-known European company with a long-term domination in the international market. It provides a unique guarantee. These valves include the widest range of options offered to the Elevator Industries for high performance passenger service. Easy to install, the valves are smooth, reliable and precise in operation throughout extreme load and temperature variations.
Lift Cabins

Passenger lifts are specially designed to suit a wide variety of applications. A choice of finishes in the form of decorative laminates is offered using wooden panels or M.S. Sheets. Cargo lifts are made of M.S. Sheets with chequered plate at the bottom to withstand rugged use.


Gate Lock & Floor Section  
  Designed to operate with non-moving contacts using the latest electronic technology, Gate Locks and floor Sensors are provided to eliminate conventional mechanical actions thus increasing safety and reliability.  
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