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Alliance Elevators Dumb Waiter Elevator are designed to give you the highest levels of travel comfort at competitive cost. Attractive lift cars, sophisticated electronic controls and other noiseless mechanical equipments combine together to make each Alliance Elevators a model of perfection. Simplicity of design makes these lifts very easy to maintain at minimum cost.

A small freight elevator is often called a dumbwaiter, mostly used for the taking of the small items such as dishes in a 2-storey kitchen or books in a multi-storey rack assembly. We have installed dumb waiters at renowned resorts, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and banks in India.


  KG A B H C D E  
1 100 700 700 800 1200 900 700  
2 150 800 800 900 1300 1000 800  
3 200 900 900 1000 1400 1100 900  
4 250 1000 1000 1200 1500 1200 1000  
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